Who We Are

KAYPORT is an international trading company based in Kayseri, Turkey. We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting the best types of Turkish furniture and accessories, in addition to linens, mattresses, building materials and engineering services that transform customers’ dreams into real designs in the very top quality.

Our Journey

From A to BEST!

Our Startup

From Mersin 2014 and Kayseri 2015, KAYPORT started its exciting journey as a Turkish manufacturer and exporter of high quality and professional furniture, home furnishings and accessories that meet the aspirations of customers.

Something Specially New

After the great success that resonated with Turkey and the world, the company expanded its work in 2020 to meet the different needs of customers, and developed its human resources and professional competencies, to provide the best types of mattresses and textiles, in addition to furniture for large projects such as offices and hotels.

And Right Now

In KAYPORT, we are proud of our wide network of relationships with the strongest customers and partners all across the globe. Our services are currently spread in Europe (Turkey and Spain), the Middle East (Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Sultanate of Oman) and Africa (Egypt – Morocco), with its future vision in entering the markets of Russia.

Our Vision

At KAYPORT, we believe that the foundation of every success is furniture made with great care and good taste. Therefore, we always aspire to be at the forefront of the furniture manufacturing and exporting market in Turkey, the Middle East and the world. The company is always working to expand and develop its work to meet the needs of customers by providing extra high-quality products such as mattresses, linens, textiles and various building materials, because the comfort and trust of our customers is always our primary goal.

Our Mission

We are constantly working to provide the best furniture and furnishing products and accessories, with high quality that fulfills the satisfaction of our customers. We also provide top high-guarantee export services that deliver our products with confidence to all parts of the world at high speed and ideal prices, to make Kayseri a global port for the best types of furnishings and related services.


Your best choice for the best services.

Mastery and Experience

We apply our comprehensive engineering studies to design and manufacture elegant products with meticulous techniques and methods. We always strive to gain the trust of our customers through the one-of-a-kind quality of our final products.

Prices for Quality

We seek to provide the best types of products and services at thoughtful prices that suit customers’ desires. As we move away from commercial manufacturing of limited validity and mastery, and we work to provide the customer with products of high quality and great professionalism that accompany them for life.

Export and Shipping

Our wide network of relations with the best international shipping companies enables us to guarantee fast, safe and guaranteed shipping of all our products from Turkey to all parts of the world.

Modern Manufacturing Methods

In KAYPORT, we rely on the latest international production and manufacturing technologies that suit modern requirements and provide elaborate and diverse products with high professionalism.

Quality of Materials

We rely on the best types of building and furniture manufacturing materials, in addition to the finest Turkish textiles and fabrics, as we believe that the ideal work requires high quality materials that suit the aspirations of customers.

Quality Assurance

Because we trust our great experience and our superior quality of our products, we seek to gain your mutual trust through the quality assurance documents that come with all our products in order to provide you with a safe and confident process.

From A to Z

In KAYPORT, we accompany you from your first creative ideas to their implementation in the best way. We offer you all the services of designing special furnishings and choosing products according to your choices, all the way to providing high-quality building materials and interior design services.


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